Caleydo - Visualization for Molecular Biology

Caleydo StratomeXCaleydo is an open source visual analysis framework targeted at biomolecular data. Caleydo has multiple views that support different analysis tasks. One important view is StratomeX which enables users to explore relationships between multiple groupings, between different datasets and see how your data maps onto pathways. StartomeX has been successfully used to analyze mRNA, miRNA, methylation, copy number variation, mutation status and clinical data as well as other dataset types and was applied to cancer subtype analysis. Other important view are Entourage and enRoute that make pathway exploration with WikiPathway and KEGG pathways easy, especially for analyzing relationships between multiple pathways (Entourage) and for analyzing experimental data (enRoute) in the context of pathways. 

Caleydo is a joint project between the VCG at Harvard SEAS, the Park lab at Harvard Medical School, Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria and Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria.

The team members at VCG are Alexander Lex, Hendrik Strobelt and Hanspeter Pfister.

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