ARrow: A Real-Time AR Rowing Coach

ARrow: A Real-Time AR Rowing Coach

Iannucci E, Zhu-Tian C, Armeni I, Pollefeys M, Pfister H, and Beyer J.

Eurographics: Eurovis 23, 2023.

Rowing requires physical strength and endurance in athletes as well as a precise rowing technique. The ideal rowing stroke is based on biomechanical principles and typically takes years to master. Except for time-consuming video analysis after practice, coaches currently have no means to quantitatively analyze a rower’s stroke sequence and body movement. We propose ARrow, an AR application for coaches and athletes that provides real-time and situated feedback on a rower’s body position and stroke. We use computer vision techniques to extract the rower’s 3D skeleton and to detect the rower’s stroke cycle. ARrow provides visual feedback on three levels: Tracking of basic performance metrics over time, visual feedback and guidance on a rower’s stroke sequence, and a rowing ghost view that helps synchronize the body movement of two rowers. We developed ARrow in close colaboration with international rowing coaches and demonstrate its usefulness in a user study with athletes and coaches.


This research was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award Number IIS-2107328.