Multiview User Interfaces with an  Automultiscopic Display

Multiview User Interfaces with an Automultiscopic Display

W. Matusik., C. Forlines, and H. Pfister.

AVI textquoteright08 Proceedings of the working conference on Advanced visual interfaces, 2004.

Automultiscopic displays show 3D stereoscopic images that can be viewed from any viewpoint without special glasses. These displays are becoming widely available and affordable. In this paper, we describe how an automultiscopic display, built for viewing 3D images, can be repurposed to display 2D interfaces that appear differently from different points-of-view. For single-user applications, point-of-view becomes a means of input and a user is able to reveal different views of an application by simply moving their head left and right. For multi-user applications, a single-display application can show each member of the group a different variation of the interface. We outline three types of multi-view interfaces and illustrate each with example applications.