VolVis: A Diversified System for Volume Research and Development

R. Avila, T. He, L. Hong, A. Kaufman, H. Pfister, C. Silva, L. Sobierajski, and S. Wang.

Proceedings of Visualization, 1994.

VolVis is a diversified, easy to use, extensible, high performance, and portable volume visualization system for scientists and engineers as well as for visualization developers and researchers. VolVis accepts as input 3D scalar volumetric data as well as 3D volume-sampled and classical geometric models. Interaction with the data is controlled by a variety of 3D input devices in an input device-independent environment. VolVis output includes navigation preview, static images, and animation sequences. A variety of volume rendering algorithms are supported, ranging from fast rough approximations, to compression-domain rendering, to accurate volumetric ray tracing and radiosity, and irregular grid rendering.