Visual Computing

Our research in visual computing lies at the intersection of visualization, computer graphics, and computer vision. It spans a wide range of topics, including bio-medical visualization, image and video analysis, 3D fabrication, and data science.

Our Lab

Our group belongs to Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Center for Brain Science. We are located in the Maxwell Dworkin Building (33 Oxford St.) as well as the Northwest Laboratory (52 Oxford St.) on Harvard's main campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our Research

Our goal is to combine interactive computer systems with the perceptual and cognitive power of human observers to solve practical problems in science and engineering. We are providing visual analysis tools and methods to help scientists and researchers better process and understand large, multi-dimensional data sets in various domains such as neuroscience, genomics, systems biology, astronomy, and medicine. And we are developing data-driven approaches for the acquisition, modeling, visualization, and fabrication of complex objects.